Soccer in Ireland


As a key component of the programme, Real Madrid Foundation will be sending a team of profesional from Spain to supervise four hours of training per day. The training sessions will focus on the same techniques and skills that the club develops with its teams at all age levels.


The training program is open to boys and girls at all skill levels and takes place in an international and multi-cultural environment with youngsters from all over the world participating, a blend of cultures and languages that will enrich students’ everyday experiences on the course.

The camp will have two regulation football pitches at its disposal, surrounded by woodland in an idyllic location, in addition to other training facilities.


The main objectives of the training programme are as follows:

- To bring Real Madrid CF closer to its fans from all over the world and to let students experience what it means to play for this great club.

- To encourage youngsters to play sport by organising training sessions with a recreational goal.

- To provide an insight into Real Madrid CF ’s youth training philosophy.

- To promote the ethos of fair play and team spirit, not to mention the social values that sport can instil.

- To teach, improve and perfect technical and tactical aspects of the game.

The concept behind Real Madrid Sport Learning School is to bring together the world of languages and football, the most universal of sports, and combine them with the time-honoured values of Real Madrid in a unique project.

Address: Avenida General Perón, 10 - 1º D, 28020 Madrid - Spain
Telephone: +34 91 447 00 25