Internacional English + Soccer Academy
in Ireland - July 2020

Team of profesional Real Madrid Foundation

Real Madrid Foundation will be sending a team of profesional from Spain to supervise four hours of training per day. The training sessions will focus on the same techniques and skills that the club develops with its teams at all age levels.
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Native teachers
15 english classes per week

Maximum of 15 students and led by native teachers with broad experience in teaching English as a foreign language to youngsters. To complement the language classes, the Real Madrid coaches will also be giving part of their training sessions in English. + info

London, Cambridge, Oxford
Activities and trips

As well as the football course, we have also put together an extensive activity programme featuring visits to places of interest, other sports such as tennis, basketball and a range of other activities including theatre, karaoke, dance and music. + info

University of Maynooth
International flavour

The program is based at Maynooth University, one of the most prestigious universities in Dublin, where our students will enjoy top facilities such as interactive classrooms, cafeterias, soccer and rugby pitches, sports center , etc.
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Campus Experience

Address: Avenida General Perón, 10 - 1º D, 28020 Madrid - Spain
Telephone: +34 91 447 00 25